Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Very Long Drive and Three Amazing Things

Western Australia is big. Really big.
It's twelve times bigger than the UK, and twenty times bigger than England....
I'm starting to understand the sheer scale of the place after today.
I asked Mark to take us somewhere we hadn't been, so we looked on the map and decided to go to Wave Rock.

It was a little bit further than it looked on the map.

Four hours later we arrived at a big rock - Amazing Thing No. 1.

It is a pretty impressive big rock.

Amazing Thing No.2 - we drove a few km down the road and found a cave complete with real ancient cave paintings - 

It's the only cave I would consider living in - nice high ceiling and natural light - and these amazing wall paintings -

Amazing Thing No. 3 was a bonus - we got out of the car and Mark nearly climbed a tree when he thought he saw a snake...
It wasn't a snake - can you tell what it is?

 It's a chain of 55 furry caterpillars following the leader to a new tree -

We watched until they were all safely up in the tree.
(I just googled them and they are called Processionary Caterpillars.)

Oh - and then we drove four hours home...


  1. I've been to Wave Rock and that cave, but I've never seen a procession of caterpillars before - now THAT'S special! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, love the cave and the rock , oh and the caterpillars too, must of been worth the drive!! x

  3. I still can't get my head around the scale of this place. We look at the map and think, oh that won't be far, and of course, it is some enormous distance! Those caterpillars are incredible - my three year old is obsessed with caterpillars at the moment and keeps picking them up and asking if we can have one as a pet. xK

  4. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing this amazing day.
    It makes my walk into the garden to feed the birds (here in the UK) seem rather dull! (But the birds were pleased to see me.)

  5. I remember the maps working the opposite way when I was in England! I was navigator for a family friend from London to Edinburgh and I can remember skipping over the pages of the map at the rate of knots! What we thought we might cover in a day, was passed by in just hours!

    Those caterpillars are amazing! We have ones down here that clump together on the trees, can't remember their names. Very close knit though!