Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A finished project!

It's council pick up month round here so the streets are lined with piles of furniture - mostly fridges, sofas and big old TVs. It's all new to me - in the UK you just take it all to the tip yourself. Or dump it in a layby...
I've been very good and I haven't brought anything home - it's the favourite topic of conversation at the school gates at the moment - 'What have you found??' 
I've already got a shed full of furniture waiting to be transformed... like these two chairs that Mark's had for years. I always hated them and thought I'd escaped them for ever when we packed up to move. But no, they came with us..

So, I finally got out the sandpaper, a bit of polish, and some nice fabric  and voila! 
A (half) finished project! (I've still got to do the other one...)


  1. and look how great it looks. well done fab job. x

    1. Thanks! Lost enthusiasm for the second one though...

  2. The chair looks great, love the fabric. I have a couple in storage at the moment that need some attention........