Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Living by the sea

Like a lot of people - especially those who grew up in the dead centre of the UK - I always wanted to live by the sea...
And now I do - unexpectedly it's not the Bristol Channel but the Indian Ocean.

I love it - you can see the sea from the end of our road, and from our roof (so Mark tells me - I haven't been up there..) 

Molly and I have got back into our morning walk on the beach routine - every morning the sun's shining, the waves are crashing...and we're the only people on the beach. (Well, only person and dog!)

The first thing my parents said when I took them to the beach was 'Where are all the people??' I thought it was odd to begin with too, but now I realise that the sun does shine 99.9% of the time, the beach is always there and I too could start to take it for granted. 

But I'm determined not to - even in the middle of the so-called Winter (still sceptical about that one..) I will go to the beach everyday - whether Molly wants to or not!


  1. very envious!!
    do dream about living by the sea one day. x