Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Demolition Depression...

I'm having one of those days when there are about fifteen things I should be doing, but I can't decide which to do first, so I'm sitting around doing nothing... 

At the weekend we knocked down the steps to the balcony, because they were pretty much rotten and just waiting for a boy to run up them one too many times and fall through...

Before Demolition

After Demolition

Isn't it depressing when the 'After' looks worse than the 'Before'??

I've finished painting the bottom storey so it does look slightly better... (Slightly..)

We've come to terms with the fact that the big renovation will be a year or more away - we need to save some money and also agree on a design!

So in the meantime, the plan is to turf the garden, finish painting the exterior, install the free log burner we found in Mark's dad's shed, and start squirrelling away some money!


  1. HI Elli, it's much better to have those stairs down! One of our old houses had something similar and we were always very worried with the kids, particularly because the balcony didn't have a child-proof barrier. The week we moved out, our 18 mth old (at the time) climbed the stairs for the first time... needless to say, we were moving out just in time!
    I think the house will be great once you've painted and popped in a few plants to soften it... then the waiting won't be so hard!

  2. It will be brillant in the end, good luck with the squirrelling!!