Friday, 8 February 2013

The Ugly House - Before...

We christened our house 'The Ugly House' when we first saw it - e.g. 'Oh look, The Ugly House is still for sale'
When it was still for sale after six weeks, and Mark had got a job, and the seller had dropped the price, it started to look slightly less ugly, and slightly more... do-able.

Are you ready for some 'before' photos?

Look away now if you're easily disturbed.

This (apparently) is the kitchen... And yes, it's upstairs.. (Handy for a morning cuppa in bed)

This is the downstairs, which currently has a concrete floor and strip lights, but will soon be a lovely living room...

The stairs to the balcony are completely rotten and will soon be gone... (If you look closely you can see that the fourth step up is already missing)

That huge concrete water tank down the garden will one day be our swimming pool!
(I'm serious..)

This is the upstairs landing which is nice and big and has a door onto the balcony...

And this is me on day one, still looking quite happy and optimistic... 

What's the best way to get those stickers off the bathroom mirror?


  1. Think it will be perfect, nothing looks so bad in the sunshine.

  2. Looks a fab project - such potential!! Worth it, just to be in the sunshine.

  3. Loads to do....but it's SUNNY and warm and will look fab really soon.
    (Still wearing 6 layers and well jel of you in a tshirt)

  4. I can't wait to see the after photos, cos I know you are going to make this ugly house the most beautiful on the block. Amanda....x

  5. Hello you! I'm really looking foward to the progress pics. Love the dark stained floor boards. Very curious about the water tank/pool comment.....x

  6. Great to see the pics! I think it will look fabulous - amazing even what a lick of paint will do and some of your own things about the place. Stickers - try eucalyptus oil, might take a few goes but that should do the trick. Will you dig the tank into the ground or have it above ground? What a great idea!

    1. Will try the eucalyptus oil, thanks. The plane is to cut down the tank about half way and then deck around it... We'll see!