Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly House..

I picked up the key (singular) to our house this morning! 
(And two nice congratulatory bottles of Margaret River wine from our Estate Agent)

Think I'm going to need the wine as the first thing I did on getting the key was to drive to Bunnings and buy a box full of cleaning stuff and bug killer... I then drove to our new house and set off three Mortein bombs (to kill the bugs...) and then ran...
I'll go back tomorrow to sweep up the little corpses..

Since I couldn't go back in the house for two hours, and it was an hour before school pick up, I drove around our new neighbourhood taking photos of my favourite houses (and looking very suspicious cruising slowly down the streets taking photos out of the car window..)

It's a funny suburb, an equal mix of the original 60's fibro beach shacks, and the million dollar mansions that are slowly replacing them.

Here are some of my favourites:

This one is a little Art Deco gem, and probably the oldest house around - isn't it gorgeous?
Sea views too.

This is one of my favourite fibros, just for the jaunty way it's positioned on a corner block:

Mid-70's I'm thinking? There are lots of these A-frame houses around here - it didn't really take off as a house design though, did it?

This one is just pretty - look at that lovely fretwork - and a nice Wedgwood blue too:

I like the room randomly stuck on top of this one:

And, if I ever get depressed about the immensity of our renovation, I can always pop around the corner and look at this beauty... 


  1. Looks like a great neighbourhood, looking forward to seeing your bug free new abode! x

  2. I can't tell you how jealous I am of your blue sky and trips to the beach on your way home!
    I am wearing 6 layers of clothes and all I want to do after school is get home and shut the door.
    Soooo jealous! xx

  3. What an amazing neighbourhood. I love all the different era's. The first pic is a doozy, have never seen a house like that one before. Can't wait to see pic of your house. Happy bug sweeping xo

  4. Wow! That first house looks remarkably familiar.... haven't seen it for about 15 years, though. Otherwise it has a doppelganger, for sure! Best wishes for your move!

    1. Ohmigod! Just read some more of your blog - it IS the house I thought it was. I used to live nearby when I was teaching at one of the local high schools. And it would be closer to 18 years ago. I'm sure much has changed in the area but I am delighted to see that not everything has!

    2. Spooky! Things have changed a lot around here (according to my husband who had been away for 14 years until we moved back) but there are still a lot of the old houses left. I might live in the Art Deco house when I'm an old lady!

  5. Love that Art Deco house! Isn't it amazing! Looks like a very cool and quirky neighborhood. xK