Monday, 11 February 2013

And so it begins...

Work has begun in earnest on The Ugly House - my mother-in-law 'volunteered' her services - she's a dab hand with a roller.

I let her go home today - between us we've touched up all the white internal walls, started painting the green ones and nearly finished painting the dark blue woodwork white (one of those nightmare jobs where every coat should be the last, until you stand back and can still see the blue!!! Aargh!)

I also came up with three reasons why it's a good idea to paint your house when it's 40 degrees outside:

1. The paint dries quickly
2. You lose half your bodyweight in sweat each day
3. You get to go for a swim when you've had enough

Those are the only three positives I could think of...

Mark has built half a fence and is finishing the gate tonight. (The table legs came in handy!)

And most importantly, we discovered what the pole in the middle of the living room is for -


  1. Jeepers, you don't muck around do ya! As for that pole, your house may become quite popular in the street for "parties" ;-)

    1. I don't know if we'll be able to keep up the pace! But my parents are coming to stay in March so we need to get the place looking presentable by then...

  2. All very exciting and good to have lots of help. x

  3. Wow! It's strange to think you're in 40 degree heat while it's snowing here again. Mark's looking very Australian with his hat ; ) xx