Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Not quite there yet...

I still haven't got any 'after' photos to show you - and that's what I'm really doing this for after all!

Things are looking a lot whiter and cleaner but that doesn't make for very interesting photos.
So instead here are some random pics:

I resorted to Coke and Starbursts to get me through today...

Random Happy Meal chappy...

My special painting flip-flops thongs

I few weeks ago we had a flier in the letterbox advertising a house built in 1968 - it was described as having plenty of 'period' features - the mind boggles (I'm thinking original red formica kitchen and avocado bathroom suite...)

This is our own special period feature -

Yes - that is a tap in the corner of our living room - it doesn't work so I'm thinking it will be useful for...hanging stuff on?


  1. He he! That tap is hilarious - You could box frame it? x

  2. Oh, Vanilla Coke! How I miss thee!