Saturday, 22 February 2014

Breaking into cars and other things

I'm blogging on my iPad which is not fun... Anyone else have the same trouble??
The reason for this is that the hard drive on our laptop died this week.... Hopefully they can save some of our files, but luckily (and unusually) I had backed up all our photos just last week. Think I must have had a premoniton! Go and back up your photos now- you never know.....
To finish off a less than perfect week, last night Mark managed to lock the dog and the car keys... in the car.
Who knew that you could google ' how to break into a Ford Falcon' and 23 minutes later you would have achieved just that? Slightly worrying...
Molly survived her ordeal fine, if it had happened earlier in the day when it was about 37 degrees outside, we would have had to break a window to save her!

I've become a bit hooked on mixed media painting demos on Youtube - they're really great if you can't get to sleep! So on Thursday I recycled an old canvas and did a little painting of my own.





As usual I like the details better than the whole!


  1. I LOVE this painting - the whole is definitely equally as fab as the details!! (Btw, just "re-discovered" you - was putting my son to bed and I looked at the lovely boat you did for his Christening back in 2011 - Easter time - and I suddenly wondered if you were still doing the same kind of work - and you're in Oz!! Just been reading about your house reno, etc - you just have such a way with styling your house, it looks amazing - wish I had that magic touch!)

    1. Thanks! Seems so long ago I used to make boats and beach huts- so nice to hear from a happy customer! My styling secret is paint it white then fill it up with junk... :)