Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lovely things to see and do (in Perth)

I think Perth used to have a reputation as a bit of a cultural wasteland - seeing as it inhabits its own time zone and is proud of its status as the world's most remote city..
But far from it - Perth is full of wonderful and exciting things - and its all right on our doorstep!

Starting even closer to home, at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre - I popped in at the weekend to see an exhibition by local sculptor Stephen Draper.
Lovely shadows and movement -

Then on Sunday we got the train into Perth and had a wander around the Cultural Centre - the boys like to visit the stuffed animals in the museum - their favourites are the bison and the anteater...
It always reminds me of the South Bank and there is loads to see and do at the moment because Perth Fringe Festival is underway.

A friend had recommended the 'Picture a Story' exhibition at the State Library of WA and I was so excited to find an original illustration from my very favourite book - John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat.

Yesterday I went up to REmida with a colleague to gather materials for a new project - REmida is a 'creative re-use centre' - they collect and re-distribute commercial and industrial waste for use by individuals, schools and organisations. 
We got a little overexcited and came back with a car full of stuff and brains full of ideas.

I loved their sculpture garden with the CBD in the background -

And these totem poles!

And this dog!

The squash court / stock room!


  1. All looks very cool, especially love those fish.

  2. Please dont tease us with the blue skies. Its pouring down here in the UK, cold and windy xxx