Monday, 6 May 2013

Beach Finds

The first thing I noticed about Western Australian beaches is how clean they are. There's the odd plastic bottle or can washed up or left on the beach, but looking along our local beach there is just a bare expanse of sand with a bank of seaweed.

To be honest I find it quite boring! I love beachcombing - and the UK must have the best beachcombing beaches in the world. I suppose it's because the seas around the UK are so busy and all the little coves and inlets around the coastline catch all the treasures that are washed up.

Here, we're a long way from anyway -  4885 miles due West is South Africa....that's a long way with nothing in between!

So, I've had to start looking for other treasures - no sea glass or pieces of pottery here - natural treasures are the way to go -

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  1. I love your treasures they are just of a different variety. x