Friday, 24 May 2013

Surf's Up!

We drive to school along the beach road each morning - yep, we're living the dream ;)
And the waves were HUGE this morning. 

All the car parks were full of utes and 4x4s, surfboards on roofracks - poor Mark was at work so Molly and I went to check out the waves for him!

They reminded me of my favourite Guinness ad (1999)


which was inspired by this painting -

Our waves weren't quite that impressive but still pretty good!


  1. On my way to school this a.m I wore my winter coat, big scarf and Uggs....and really wished I'd put my gloves on....looks like you're not missing out on British Summer Time! Sooooo jealous x

  2. yes its just not fair, no summer here what so ever!! and yes thats your Autumn....boohoo!