Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Some exciting stuff..

My new job is really my dream job - I work for an organisation called Community First, who run an amazing programme called Ability Arts, for people with disabilities in the local area. 
They can take part in photography and film workshops, create incredible drama productions and produce stunning ceramic and art pieces.

Our annual exhibition opened this morning at Falcon Library - if you're in the Mandurah area you really have to pop down and have a look at the wonderful things they've produced this year.

Oh, and I designed the invitations!

And on this Friday and next Friday I'm running a free felting workshop at the library - should be fun!

I'm also getting very excited about the Smart Street Parties

A series of Twilight Markets in Smart Street in Mandurah - craft and vintage stalls, live music, food... We're away for the first one which I'm really sad about, but I'm having a suitcase stall at the next ones selling some new cards and prints - have a look on their Facebook page for all the details and dates.

Smart Street Markets are a From Little Things initiative - oh, and I designed their logo!

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  1. The exhibition is great and the flyer is very smart too - your work? I had a funny feeling you might be at Community First then I saw Carol yesterday, then I read this. We've been tossing around the idea of working with a group to make some decorations to hang in the trees for the Smart Street Parties. Maybe something Ability Arts would be interested in?