Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Balconies and Boats

It suddenly feels like summer here - I'm sat in my favourite spot - on my balcony. 

Cane chairs - secondhand shop $50 for three.
Table - op-shop $30 for the table and two chairs.
Kicking back with a glass of wine and a breeze in the trees - priceless.

We picked up our big impulse purchase at the weekend....

Yep - we bought a boat.
It started with that fatal phrase, 'Let's just go and have a look at it...'
I should know better - last time I fell for that one we came home with a puppy... (I got suspicious after we drove for three hours to look at said puppy...)

This time however, I quite fancied looking at the boat as the sun was shining and the seller said he'd take us out for a sail.

Yep, it's a sailing boat.

And no, we can't sail.

But we've got a book so we should be OK...

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  1. How exciting Elli! I spent some time in Scotland when I was in my twenties and my ex-boyfriend's family and friends were all mad keen sailors - it was an excellent way to bide the summer hours away. Enjoy!