Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ideal Bookshelves

I've just got back from visiting a very (very..) tidy friend. I always have the urge to hoover as soon as I get home from her house, and today I also tidied our bookshelves, which reminded me of these lovely paintings by Jane Mount -

They are called 'Ideal Bookshelves' and include her friends' favourite books. I think it's a great idea- you can tell so much about a person by their book collection.
I thought I might do a painting of our favourite books this summer -it would have to include some Harry Potter, the Usborne Ocean Life Encyclopaedia and a few issues of Surfer's Path...
Which books would be in your painting?


  1. My books would be an eclectic mix including these 5...

    The worms of Euston Square/William Sutton
    The Passionn/Jeanette Winterson
    The man in the high castle/Phillip K.Dick
    The wasp factory/ Iain Banks
    The Kenneth Williams diaries

  2. Definitly a lot of children’s books!

    I love your blog, really feels like a home here ♥

  3. what a lovely idea for a painting - it would be fab to have a painting like that of favorite childhood books :0) mostly beatrix potter & roald dahl books would be in mine xx