Sunday, 25 July 2010


I went to visit my parents' bees today - there are a lot of them and they're REALLY LOUD.
Some interesting bee facts:
1 Bees travel up to three miles from their hive to collect pollen
2 The queen bee lives for up to four years laying eggs constantly (poor queen..)
2 To keep the hive cool in the summer some bees have the job of fanning their wings really fast to create a breeze
(Thanks for the bee facts dad:)

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  1. i won't be showing my hubby your post it will give him ideas ;0) he keeps saying he'd love to keep bees at the bottom of our garden! I think they'd need to be further from the house than that! how great your folks keep them - yummy honey ;0) wow courgette cake looks like a good idea i would never of thought of using them in a cake, something different & the one you made looked delicious xx