Sunday, 1 December 2013

Australian Advent Calendar - Day 1

I don't know where November went? Anyone?
I don't think I'll ever get to grips with the first day of Advent also being the first day of summer - it just isn't right...
In an attempt to boost my Christmas spirit I've decided to post a Christmas themed photo every day until Christmas Eve - I really need to embrace an Australian Christmas instead of moaning about it every day. 
(Some people have subtly hinted that this is getting annoying... especially since I am going back to England for New Year!)
So I'm thinking this little project will force me to get out and about, searching for signs of Christmas, however strange and summery they may be!

So - No.1 of my Australian Advent Calendar - my lovely Woolacombe poster complete with fairy lights.

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  1. hoorah for Woolacombe! and a happy sunny advent. x