Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Neighbourhood Photo Safari

I took my camera for a walk this afternoon - mostly because there's a house with a great rusty sign on the way to the beach that I really want a photo of. 
But... the people who live there were in the garden and I didn't want to say 'Can I take a photo of your cool rusty sign?' because... it might sound a bit odd (or rude?)

So here are some other things I saw on my walk.

The steps to the beach

A pair of Australian flag thongs that have been there for couple of weeks now

A paddling duck

Some feet...

A collection of shells

Umm, a telegraph pole

A busy bee

Spring flowers

The path to the lookout point.
I want to add an exclamation mark so it says LOOKOUT! instead of just LOOKOUT.
That might scare people though.


  1. Nice safari, look forward to the rusty sign next time!

  2. Love these. The steps down to the beach are just like the ones at our favourite beach. The is never an excuse to not to get your camera out, there is always something to photograph. Have a great week xo