Thursday, 19 September 2013

Five Star Accommodation

I've spent the day preparing our luxury guest accommodation (caravan) for my mum who arrives from England tomorrow!

Nice bunch of flowers...

Good selection of reading material...

Mementos of North Devon..

Newly brushed decking with motley assortment of rescue plants...

The view from the door... (including grumpy dog) (and half painted wall...)

Pair of bunnies

Snazzy doormat!

All ready!


  1. Firstly, when did you get a caravan?? Have I missed a post, you know I LOVE caravans! Exciting that your mum is visiting. Have you laid out a selection of "To Do" brochures/maps etc? Or is it only me that goes nuts when someone is visiting? xo

    1. We've had it for a few years now - it used to live on a campsite in Devon and now it's our spare room! It's not particularly pretty though which is why it hasn't had it's own blogpost before! I've written out a whole itinerary which is obviously not going to go to plan! x

  2. Have a lovely time, sure your mum is happy to see you all and escape the beautiful British weather. x

  3. Looks gorgeous and very welcoming. Hope this soggy weather improves for her.