Sunday, 11 August 2013

Collage frenzy...

I seem to have my creative mojo back! I hadn't really done any illustration work since we moved to Australia but in the last couple of weeks I've started work on a new range of cards and prints which I hope to have available for sale soon.

This one is just about the joy of living by the sea -

This one is inspired by walking around our eclectic neighbourhood and includes a few of my favourite houses! (Ours is the white rectangular one in the top left)

And this one was inspired by my kitchen shelves!

Postcards or greeting cards - any preferences out there?


  1. They are wonderful. Just love the beach shacks and kitchen shelves. I prefer cards - you can always cut the if you want a postcard format. These would look great in frames xo

  2. Love these, greeting please I will be first in line1 keep up the good work. x