Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What I read in June...

I bought the first two from the library for a dollar! (A dollar for both!)
Both worth a read.
The Nature of Ice

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Five Bells

I'm discovering a lot of Australian authors, and Gail Jones is my new favourite - I'm now reading Sorry which I'm having trouble putting down.

The Language of Others

I love Clare Morrall's novels because they're usually set in Birmingham which takes me back to my uni days - especially this one which is partly set in Selly Oak and Harborne - ah those were the days...

The Midnight Zoo

I picked up The Midnight Zoo while the boys were in their art class at the library - it's really a children's book but  I loved its depiction of three children taking care of each other and then discovering a zoo full of animals to take care of.

What have you been reading?

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  1. I love finding book bargains! Its the best. I am definitely intrigued by the knitting club one. And I am certainly going to add Gail Jones' books to my to read on goodreads :)