Sunday, 30 June 2013

This week...

This week... we went to watch the West Coast Eagles play a night game (they lost...)

I've managed a spot of crochet...

It was a beautifully sunny day in Perth today so we went for a walk through the grounds of UWA and along the river - we asked the boys if they'd like to go to uni there - Tom was keen since there's lots of room to kick the footie around (as good a reason as any).
Bill wasn't too sure as his friends are all going to a different university??
Umm, they're 8 years old?
Talk about planning ahead..

A tiny very loud little bird...

And a ginormous fig tree.

One week left at school - roll on the holidays!


  1. Love the colour of your crochet and the mind of your eight year old, ha! Two weeks left till school holidays for us, counting down......... xo

  2. Great to know your boys are planning ahead!