Thursday, 17 January 2013

New purchase...

We bought a house...

I'm not going to show you a photo of the whole thing yet because it might give you nightmares (like it's giving me..)
The words 'fixer' and 'upper' were invented for this house.
In fact the words 'knock' and 'down' might be better!
It's a 1960's fibro beach shack, it needs everything doing to it (most obviously the asbestos has got to go) and it's all ours on the 4th February!

Wish us luck...

(It's never been painted as you can see from the original lot number in the photo)


  1. That's exciting! Can't wait for the pics.

    1. Thanks! Just hope we haven't bitten off more than we can chew...

  2. Fantastic yes cant wait to see the pictures, shack or no shack!

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see a bit more! Caroline

  4. Congratulations on the house! It should be much easier putting down some roots now you have a place of your own! Best of luck with everything.