Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Making and Reading

I've decided this year, that instead of resolving to do something I really don't really want to do, like hoovering more, or exercising more, or eating less.... I will instead resolve to do something I do want to do.
This has to be a good idea - for a start I'm more likely to stick to it, I won't feel guilty when I look at the state of the carpet while eating another slice of cake, and I should hopefully be happy at the end of it! (If perhaps a little fatter and living in a hovel...)

So, the two things that really make me happy are reading and making stuff.
I've started already - my will power is amazing!

These are the books I've read this week....

And this cushion is the first product of my new sewing machine....

(and bonus - I read the Frankie magazine too!)


  1. Good for you, although I'm not sure how you have managed to read 4 books in a week, it takes me 12 months to read one book. My friend reads loads too, I just must be a very slow reader. Loving the cushion. Happy New Year to you and your family. Amanda....x

    1. Thanks Amanda - Happy New Year to you too! I read really fast - but I also read everywhere - in the car, in the bath, cooking the tea.. so I get through a lot of books ;)

  2. Reading is definitely on my to do list! I've just reserved a whole heap of books from the library, so I can't wait for them to start rolling in...