Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wrapping it up

Christmas wrapping is like a competitive sport in my family.. and it's possibly the only competitive sport I enjoy.
I spent a happy afternoon wrapping up our presents to send home - this year I went for a recycled brown paper theme (we have 130 brown paper wrapped boxes in the shed), with crochet accessories and a few pompoms for added oomph.

I suspect it's the added oomph that has carried my parcel over the threshold from acceptable postage costs to the kind of prices that make your jaw drop open and the post office staff look at you sympathetically. Sympathetically but at the same time thinking what an idiot you are...

Next year's wrapping - tissue paper with feathers.


  1. Oh, but these parcels must be a joy to receive. When so much is email these days, or virtual viewing and not actually something tactile, how wonderful it is that you create such exciting physical packages. I am sure all are much appreciated :o)

    1. Thanks June - I'm actually really enjoying sending and receiving actual physical post - so much more real than email!

  2. I can imagine wanting to turn to feathers and tissue paper! And I imagine the presents themselves will be somewhat feather like! Or... you could buy their presents online in the UK and then send them your beautiful bibs and bobs directly so your family could wrap their presents themselves!! With written instructions of course!

  3. Wow! The wrapping details are amazing - almost too good to unwrap x