Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oxford and a lack of tactical thinking...

Mark and I went to Oxford for the day - it's 6 days until The Big Day (flying to Australia day) so we thought we'd have an English day out - and Oxford is quintessential England.

The boat houses...

Punts on the river...

The dreaming spires...

The bikes!

Of course Oxford is full of clever looking freshers this week - I really wouldn't fit in - a five year old just beat me at chess... either he was making the rules up, or I really lack any tactical brainpower..


  1. Good Luck with the move - how exciting for you all - my best friend moved to Sydney 8 years ago - hoping we might get to visit her one day! Hope you keep blogging

  2. Hi Elli - you've just won a print over on my blog - quick, tell me where to send it, before you fly away! Eeek, another thing to pack!

    Melanie :)

  3. lovely photo's, enjoy your last few days.