Friday, 5 October 2012

Last days

It was the boys' last day at school today.. so sad!
They're leaving their tiny 50 pupil village school where they've been so happy, and taking a leap into the unknown. 
Any school in Australia is bound to be a lot bigger, but I'm thinking a bigger school will mean more facilities and activities. 
And lots of new friends!

Still sad though...:(


  1. I keep reading your posts and thinking oh no I'm gonna miss you....then I remember that actually we've never met and as long as you carry on with your blog it doesn't really mater that you're moving to the other side of the world! Won't make any difference....until you talk about the weather and the beach and the pool and the bbq's...Good luck mrs, and keep us posted! x

  2. That made me smile - funny thing blogging!I'm sure I'll carry on with my blog and make you all jealous with my stories of ridiculously hot temperatures... x

  3. Just been doing a blog catch-up and read that you are moving. Good luck with everything and keep blogging - virtual acquaintances keep you sane when you work from home!