Sunday, 2 September 2012


It's a bittersweet time of year, September. 
It can be an exciting time - new school year, new beginnings, a chance for a new start.
It can be also be a sad time, because sometimes new starts and new beginnings mean saying good bye.

We're moving out of our house next week so we've spent the weekend ferrying seven years worth of accumulated 'useful' stuff to the tip.
I sorted through a cupboard of baby clothes, sent a lot of them to the charity shop and got a bit overemotional!
It seems like a good time of year to move -  a turning point. So I'm thinking positive and holding back the tears...


  1. Oh good luck with your move. Hope it all goes well. September is a good time for change I think and you will soon feel settled again. I was looking back through your blog - thank you so much for your visit to mine - will you be in Malvern for the Autumn Festival this year? If you are I will be sure to say hello!

  2. Lots of luck, and lovely last photo's of your garden.