Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moving on..

Today is the first day I've sat down since Saturday... moving house is really not fun!
This was the scene on Monday afternoon when the packers had gone crazy with their brown paper and tape and were packing up everything that stayed still - I thought they'd packed the dog at one point.

You may think it's a bit flash getting someone else to pack for you but this is no ordinary move...

Fourteen years ago Mark arrived at Heathrow from Perth (via Nepal) with a backpack and £60 in his pocket.
Nine years ago he met me.
Eight years ago we got married, bought a house and had a baby.
Five years ago we had another one!
Two years ago we decided to move to Australia..
and in three weeks that's exactly what we're doing..


  1. OMG that is so exciting. I hope you dont forget us all here and still keep blogging. We will all want to come along for the journey. Good luck with the move. Amanda....x

    1. Thanks Amanda - I'll definielty be blogging, but maybe not much for the next few weeks as I packed the computer...

  2. Oh wow! How fantastic! Good luck mrs! I am sure you'll love it and make us all well jel in cold and gloomy GB! xx

  3. Wow. Good luck. Welcome to the other side of the world!