Sunday, 7 February 2010

Breakfast, Bournemouth and Beach Huts

We camped at Hurst View campsite near Lymington, which is open all year (and was surprisingly busy for February!) and after breakfast we headed down to Boscombe to check out the new surf reef ( but there was no surf..)

So we walked along Bournemouth Pier (Molly wasn't keen, she doesn't like looking through the gaps in the floor!)...

Wandered along the beach...

And found lots of lovely beach huts...

I'm having number 233, but remember you can buy your own very specially personalised Beach Hut here!


  1. Hello Ellie, Did you go in your camper? We have been wanting to plan an ealry camping trip but I'm looking for somewhere open all year that has warm shower facilites. I know a lot of places we use in the summer but as we are in a tent the one thing I do so want is a hot shower. Would you recommend Hurst View for winter camping? I love your beach huts, we visit Southwold quite a lot and they are so cute.

  2. Hi Tamara, thanks for your comment - yeah,we were in the van so quite cosy! but we were next to a tent. Hurst View is nice, the showers are a bit basic but OK, and you're allowed to have a (small) open fire to keep you warm in the evening! The link below is to a site which lists campsites throughout the Uk that are opne all year - hope this is helpful!