Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Op-shop jackpot!

So today is my self-designated Day of Me - in other words Tuesday is my day and I WILL ENJOY IT! 
I may also clean the bathroom but only if it makes me happy to do so.
So this morning I went on my monthly Op- shop trawl. The op-shops in town are pretty good- I never buy any clothes as they're mostly old lady type polyester blouses or cheapy stuff from Supre and Rivers but...
This is what I bought today-

A vintage measuring jug...


A very large vintage Western Australia souvenir tea towel-


Four small plates with sailing boats and seagulls -


And two old atlases and a globe for work projects.

Pretty good haul eh?

But you know that one thing you are always looking for - every car boot sale, swap meet, op shop or secondhand shop you go into.
We all have one thing - the jewel, the absolute perfect find. What's yours?

Mine is....


Peanuts mugs!
I always carefully dig through all the old mugs in the hope of finding one. Today I only went in the Salvos because it was on the way home and there it was, just waiting for me.
So happy :) 

And here are its friends..


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  1. Great finds, I too used to absolutely love peanuts and still am a secret fan, would of brought that too if I had seen it, sadly the charity shops bu us are not quite as good. The measuring jug is pretty cool too. x