Monday, 23 June 2014

Fairbridge windows

Yesterday we went for a walk around Fairbridge Village, just down the road from us. It was originally a Child Migrant Farm School, established in 1913 by the philanthropic Kingsley Fairbridge and his wife.
From 1913 until 1983, 3580 children lived and grew up at Fairbridge - the majority of them being from destitute families or children's homes in the UK.
These days Fairbridge is run as a youth charity, offering training, accommodation, holidays and activities for families with a disabled child and a whole load of other programmes and opportunities.

It was really fascinating to walk around - its so well preserved and after looking at the photos of the groups of children arriving in Fremantle by boat, it was quite easy to step back in time and imagine what it was like for them, arriving and growing up there.
Nowadays its a happy place to be, and from most accounts it was a happy place back then, but I felt it had a certain sadness about it, maybe because I was walking around with my boys, and imagining all those other children...



  1. I love Fairbridge...we have spent many little stays there. So much space and things to explore. Great pics of the place. Xxx

  2. It's all about the details isn't it? As I get older, I appreciate them even more, the fine workmanship that creates the whole… beautiful!