Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Down South

It was a long weekend in Australia. 
Something I particularly like about living here is the amount of public holidays - 10 per year (yay!) as opposed to just 7 per year in the UK (boooo!) 
Don't want to rub this in even more my little British friends, but one of our extra public holidays is the Queen's Birthday. 
Don't ask me why she gives Australia a day off but not the British...
Also we get not only Australia Day but also Western Australia Day!
Oh, and the one just gone was Labour Day which basically rewards hard work :)

Did I also mention that it was a long weekend in which the sun shone all day, every day?

Sorry. Moving on..

We went camping and happened upon Dunsborough Arts Festival and these rather lovely sculptures.


  1. yes its just not fair! Looks great. x

  2. Love down south.....that looked like a fun festival to have been at. Xx