Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Two by Two

I came back from the UK with one more suitcase than we went with..
It was mostly filled with bargain finds from the fifty two charity shops in my parents' town - and Cheltenham Racecourse Car Boot.

Here are some of my favourite finds - they all came in pairs!

Two Kathie Winkle plates - five pounds for both from the car boot sale

Nice editions of Little Women and Little Men, two pounds each from Oxfam

Two lovely old cameras - an Agfa Box Spezial - three pounds from the car boot sale (I beat him down from five pounds) and the Instamatic is my mum's old camera and the first camera I ever took a photo on. 
Unfortunately you can't get film for it any more but you can adapt 135mm film to fit - not sure if I'm going to try this or not...

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  1. Great finds, love the plates! I loved the car-boot sales when living in the UK xo