Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So close...

We are nearly moved in to our new house. 
As in all the furniture is there but we are not..
Because basically, all our clothes, food and the TV are here.
We are moving in tomorrow because my parents are in Singapore! Aargh! They arrive here on Friday afternoon so we've gone into renovation overdrive - Mark has even built decking! (it wasn't my top priority - plumbing in the dishwasher is pretty high on my To Do list!)

Here are a few tips I would like to share from the last four weeks:

1. You cannot renovate a house in four weeks and do anything else at the same time.
2.Never be stingy when buying paint - honestly - spend the extra and get the good stuff or you'll end up painting literally 12 layers of paint on EVERYTHING..
3. When considering buying a house, think twice if all the woodwork is painted dark blue.
4.You can never have too many brothers-in-law - and yes, they love helping..
5. When packing to emigrate you do not need to bring more than 6 wineglasses with you:

6. Always, always use low tack masking tape when painting (Doh..)
7.When buying a fridge, please remember to check that it will fit through at least one door into your house. Or it will end up living in the shed.
Poshest beer fridge ever..


  1. I love your tips! Makes it sound like a pretty intense last four weeks!

  2. Good luck, especially with your parents visit, you must all be so excited. x

  3. did you take the trim off the doorway? I've bought big old sideboards or chests that I can't get into the bedroom because of narrow hall and weird door placement. dang.