Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Living the dream?

Now we're in our fifth week in Australia, the holiday feeling is starting to wear off. The boys are in school, I know my way round the supermarket (although I did get lost for an hour last week trying to find our house..) and the job hunt continues...
I keep reassuring Mark that this is the period of time we'll look back to in years to come as the hardest weeks - it was never going to be easy starting a new life from scratch and we're just lucky to have Mark's family close by to help us out when we need them.
Onwards and upwards!

This is what Australian weathermen call a 'cloudy day' ...


  1. Looks beautiful and the blue sky and warmth must be a bonus.......hope the children like there new school.

  2. Welcome to Australia, Elli! Thank you for signing up to my blog - I saw your link there earlier today. I've had a look around your beautiful blog and look forward to hearing about your new adventures. My husband is Irish and I lived over there for our first few years of marriage. It was a huge change, so I can understand the holiday feeling wearing off and the beginning of some routine. Best of luck with it all! Cheers, Lucy