Friday, 6 July 2012

Appointment in London

Yesterday Mark and I had an appointment here-----

Yes - that's Australia House - maybe the flag gave it away? We still walked straight past it the first time.

We live in a little village surrounded by hills and other little villages. And a few small towns.
So we get really excited when we go anywhere that has buildings over three storeys high. And escalators.

And London is so exciting at the moment! Look at some of the exciting things we saw -


108 people dressed as giant pandas!

Pianos in the street!

A giant baobab tree made from fabric!

And loads of cool stuff on the South Bank

And the most exciting thing?
The sun shone all day :)


  1. Imagine I live in london and I have not seen these things!

  2. Hello.

    That panda picture is BRILLIANT!

    Your work is beautiful too. x

    1. Thanks Hannah - wish I'd seen the pandas riding the underground though!