Monday, 13 February 2012

What I've read so far this year...

Last January I gave myself a reading list.
It didn't go well...
This year I'm just reading whatever catches my eye - so far.....

Solar by Ian McEwan

I find myself reading an Ian McEwan book, getting a quarter of the way through and thinking why am I reading this depressing book... but then I have to finish it.. (See also Enduring Love and The Innocent - Atonement is also depressing but in a good way..)

A Neville Shute triple bill - The Far Country, On the Beach and A Town like Alice - I love novels about Australia, and these three sum up a certain era of Australian history which I love. 

Wise Children by Angela Carter - I must be getting old because I heard an extract from Susannah Clapp's 'A card from Angela Carter' on Radio 4 (?!) on the way to work and remembered how much I loved 'The Magic Toyshop'.  
I love Wise Children too.

Finally, from the library - Ice Road by Gillian Slovo

I love books about the siege of Leningrad, I read The Siege by Helen Dunmore when I was in hospital having Bill... Cheery I know!

What are you reading at the moment? What's on your Amazon wishlist....

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