Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Syndrome

We've just been to smallest Moody's first nativity and I started crying when they sang Away in a Manger - anyone else feeling a bit over emotional at the moment?

I also decided December was the perfect time to have five inches of my hair cut off - cold neck...brrrr...

And all our electrical appliances are rebelling against us- the washing machine refused to open it's door for three days, our reverse cycle air con in the kitchen has given up the ghost -oh - and I've managed to lose the memory card out of my camera........

On the bright side - presents are nearly sorted and we managed to find a Christmas Tree for under £30!


  1. shepherd sure looks cute and I am sure your hair looks lovely.
    We never had the joy of a Nativity at my boys school, always an alternative theme so that no religion is put out!
    But apparently this year the little ones are doing some kind of Nativity (New Head!) And my sons are doing an 80'S song and something "old" which could mean it came out 5 years ago!

  2. Ooooh if it's any consolation our oven temperature gauge has broken, the washing machine is up the spout, and last night a few tiles fell off the roof!! Pleased it's not just me! :))