Thursday, 22 April 2010

Boats, and more boats

This is now hanging in my kitchen window - my mum made it using one of Bill's drawings as a pattern - he's very proud of it, and it looks lovely with the sunlight coming through.

And this is the Radiant Queen -

'Hello! I've been looking at the wooden boats and wonder if you would be able to customise one for a friend's birthday on April 23rd? She owns a dive boat named Radiant Queen and it will be her 30th birthday so ET 30 would be the required registration. '
Sheila, Orkney

The Radiant Queen defied the volcanic ash and arrived in Orkney on time -

'She is perfect in every detail. Thank you Elli, from a very happy customer x'

And here's the real Radiant Queen - available to charter for diving in Scapa Flow, more details here.

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